Mylon and Broken Heart Crank It Up (CD) GoldMax™ Gold Disc Edition Mylon Lefevre

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  • Remastered Audio
  • GoldMax™ Gold Disc Edition
  • 8 Page Booklet with Lyrics
  • Included LTD Collector Trading Card (Legacy Series #38)
  • Officially licensed
  • Releases 3/6/2024
  • Originally Released in 1990 on Star Song
  • 2024 Girder Records (GR1192)
  • 765105159908

Released in 1990, Crank It Up is Mylon's seventh Christian studio album. The album opens with two infectious, authentic rockers the title track and "Denomination Demolition." The album also yielded three radio hits: "Give it Away" (#8 in 1990), "Letter from the Front" (#3 in 1991) and album highlight "Shower the People* (#4 in 1991), which was a cover of the James Taylor classic hit and made into a music video. The album ends with the contemplative "Going Home.”

This iconic album, originally released in 1989 on Star Song, has undergone a breathtaking remastering process to bring you an unparalleled audio experience. The GoldMax™ Gold Disc Edition is a collector's dream. Every note and every beat, has been carefully enhanced to deliver a superior listening experience. The Gold Disc Edition ensures not only a visually stunning addition to your shelf but also guarantees top-notch audio quality. This GoldMax™ Gold Disc edition features a collectors sleeve with  8-page booklet that includes lyrics and captivating visuals. It also includes a LTD Collector Trading Card. This card, part of the Legacy Series, showcases iconic imagery making it a coveted keepsake for fans and collectors alike.

More on Mylon

Mylon wrote his first song at age 17 and was recorded by none other than Elvis Presley.  No wonder Mylon and Broken Heart was inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Crank It Up originally released in 1989 won a Grammy Award™ for Best Rock/Contemporary Gospel Album at the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards, proof the Mylon had come full circle. 

Mylon and Broken Heart's ability to connect with audiences on a global scale is reflected in the album's impressive chart performance, solidifying its place in music history. 

Throughout their illustrious career, Mylon and Broken Heart have garnered critical acclaim and prestigious awards, solidifying their status as musical trailblazers. Mylon and Broken Heart's groundbreaking contributions to the industry led to a well-deserved Grammy nomination. Their innovative sound and powerful performances captured the attention of the music world, marking them as contenders for one of the industry's highest honors.

Mylon went to be with Jesus on September 8, 2023. But his legacy lives on and so does his ministry.  Find out more at

  1. Crank It Up 3:44
  2. Denomination Demolition 3:18
  3. New Attitude 3:52
  4. Letter From The Front 4:52
  5. Give It Away 4:27
  6. Shower The People 4:03
  7. Dancing In The Light 3:05
  8. Heaven 4:06
  9. World Changer 3:39
  10. Going Home 4:41