MORTIFICATION - Scribe of The Pentateuch (LP) 2023 ONLY 100 PRESSED

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Just released this year! Only 100 copies pressed! We only got 4! 

If you love Mort, if you love vinyl, this will probably be your only chance at this one here. 

Continuing with their chronological release of Mortification albums on VINYL, Soundmass are happy to announce the LP release of ‘Scribe Of The Pentateuch‘, with the entirety of ‘Re-recorded Classics 2009‘ on the flip side.

With releases on label giants like Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade, albums like ‘Scrolls Of The Megilloth’ and ‘Post Momentary Affliction’ which are considered classics, world tours and a sound that is constantly being reinvented – having delved into death metal, grind, thrash, power metal, groove metal, classic metal and even a touch of punk – Mortification is a band that cannot be put in box.

…Which leads us to 2012 and Mortification’s 15th studio album ‘Scribe Of The Pentateuch‘, where the band continued experimenting with different sounds and styles. This is high energy thrash blended with the death metal Mortification is known for, along with a touch of doom, classic metal and NWOBHM. Citing influences like Arch Enemy, Pestilence, early Helloween, Master and early Death, this quality 26 minute EP will not disappoint long-time fans of the band.

11 years since its initial release, this is the first time ‘Scribe Of The Pentateuch‘ has ever been available on vinyl. Remastered for vinyl and with the original cover artwork of Esly Stampek (ex-Disney World artist) in full-sized splendour, this edition – a very limited pressing of 100 copies on black vinyl – is a must for fans of this pioneering Aussie band and any true metal enthusiast.

Side B of this vinyl contains ‘Re-recorded Classics 2009‘, originally released by Nuclear Blast on Mortification’s “Twenty Years In The Underground” anniversary CD. As the title suggests, this is 5 popular tracks from the Mortification catalogue re-recorded by their 2009 line-up. Given their predominant style at the time, with its evolved tuning and vocal style, these classics emerge with more of a thrash metal sound. They were the highlight of the original CD and a magnificent addition to this vinyl release.


Side A: Scribe Of The Pentateuch
Scribe Of The Pentateuch
The Jaws Of Life
In Garland Hall
Weapons Of Mass Salvation
The White Death

Side B: Re-recorded Classics 2009
Grind Planetarium
Hammer Of God
The Majestic Infiltration Of Order