IMMORTAL SOULS - Ice Upon The Night (First Press) RARE 2003 Fear Dark

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We got our hands on a RARITY here and won't be able to get it again! Only 10 available so get one of these CD's while you can! 

This is the very first pressing of the Immortal Souls album Ice Upon The Night which was originally released in Europe only on Fear Dark Records. 

The reissue that came out later on has completely different artwork. 

Track Listing:

1. Everwinter 3:36
2. Welcome To North 3:58
3. Sacrifice 3:31
4. Painbearer 4:27
5. Edge Of The Frost 5:09
6. Cold Streets 4:05
7. You 4:24
8. Suicidalive 4:17
9. Man Of Sorrow 6:36