Emerald - Armed for Battle [CD]

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Limited Edition CD reissue from Greek Label No Remorse Records just arrived in the US

UPC: 744430522205
PACKAGE: Jewel Case / 16 page booklet
PRESSING INFO: CD 500 copies only
MUSIC: Remastered / Bonus tracks

EMERALD is a Christian Heavy / Power Metal band from California USA that was formed in the late '70s. However, the debut mini album "Armed For Battle" was released in 1987 and became a cult underground US Metal release and one of the best of its kind. The original vinyl version is one of the rarest '80s Power Metal releases and there was a huge demand for a reissue that now became reality! CD version includes 4 bonus tracks and booklet with lyrics, photos & liner notes. Highly recommended for fans of Queensryche, Sacred Warrior and '80s US Heavy Power Metal.

01. Armed For Battle
02. Judgement Day
03. Teenage Suicide
04. We Attack
05. Winds Of Doom
06. Traitor (bonus)
07. Look To The Stars
08. Vengeance Is Mine (bonus)
09. King Of The Universe (demo 1984 bonus)
10. Battleground (demo 1984 bonus)