IRON JAW - CHAIN OF COMMAND (2021) Local Texas Heavy Metal

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Brand new Heavy Metal now shipping from No Life til Metal Distro

Iron Jaw are from Fort Worth TX and play metal in the tradition of Priest, Motorhead, Sabbath, etc. We call it "heavy metal" -- the younger kids call it "rock and roll". Either description is appropriate.

“Ferocious…draws on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal/classic metal influences." -- The Void Report

Fort Worth, Texas band IRON JAW's debut CD contains eight tracks of "classic" style heavy metal that should appeal to fans of Priest, Saxon, Maiden, etc.

Packaged in a tri fold digipak, with full color band photos and awesome art by Carcass John Fossum.

Four of the tracks have already been released with accompanying videos: "Devil's Rain," "Darkest Skies," "Crypt of Rodan," and "Ride Free or Die."

The remaining four tracks have NOT been released to Youtube or any other streaming service and can only be heard by fans who purchase the CD: "Chain of Command," "Step Into My Cage," "Hell Hound," and "No Speed Limit." Track for 'Darkest Skies' 

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