VINDICATOR - Communal Decay (2021 CD)

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Communal Decay
Release date: October 1st, 2021
1. Hymns of Oblivion
2. Kill the Rich
3. Oxidative Stress
4. Life Support
5. Poison In Us
6. Social Schism
7. Flies on the Wall
8. Spiders
Bio: Vindicator formed in 2005 and has been living a rage-fueled nightmare in rustbelt America ever since. Sixteen years of releases and shows, the band marches on, soldiering forward, endlessly spreading their gospel of spite and discontent for a dim future. 
Release Info: Communal Decay continues along the same sociopolitical trenches as its predecessor, United We Fall, but with more sonic nods to earlier releases like The Antique Witcheries and There Will Be Blood. You’ll be hard pressed to experience more rage packed into one half hour anywhere else. Free from mimicry with an aggravating inability to fit into any box, Vindicator continue to deliver their unconventional approach to thrash, blessing the listener with a dissonant feast for fans of Megadeth, Metallica, and Exodus.