MADROST - From Crypts to Chaos: Live and Raw (CD) Demos Early Years

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Release Date: July 15, 2022



NoLifeTilMetal Records is excited to once again be working with the very talented Southern California metal band.... MADROST

“From Crypts to Chaos: Live and Raw” is exactly what it sounds like. Starting from 2008’s “Crypt Keeper” and making its way through 2010’s “Infected Chaos”, this demo compilation revives an era of Madrost that people may or may not know about. The humble beginnings of this band have really been lost in time until now. These newly remastered tracks from Rob Colwell (Bombworks Studios) really shows that this band meant business right out of the gate. Featuring beautiful new artwork for the cover design courtesy of Tony Koehl. Of course, this compilation would not be complete without a very rare live show that was taken of the soundboard from Electric Ladyland in San Diego, CA. Recorded on the Sickening Southwest III tour in 2012; this helps document not only the first tour that Madrost ever did but showcases them during a time when they were fierce in their delivery and destined to rule the world. NLTM Records and Roxx Productions once again outdid themselves in helping preserve this ultra-rare compilation that any Madrost fan would love to have in their collection.

Track Listing:

 1. Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence
 2. Necrosis
 3. Aggressive Nihilism
4. Desecrator
5. Zombie Grinder
6. Crypt Keeper
7. Under the Hammer
 8. Zombie Grinder
9. Crypt Keeper
10. Necrosis
11. Dementor
12. Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence 
13. Desecrator
14. Necrosis
15. Drawn and Quartered
16. Perceptual Constancy
17. Zombie Grinder