RUSTY SHIPP - Liquid Exorcist (CD) FFO Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin

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If you are a Christian rock fan and are not familiar with RUSTY SHIPP yet, now is the time! 


Artist: Rusty Shipp

Title: Liquid Exorcist

Style: Nautical Rock & Roll

Media: CD 4 Panel Wallet

Year: 2019 Third Release 

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

For Fans Of: Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana

Track Listing: 

1. Mine Factory

2. Liquid Pendulum

3. Mindsweeper

4. Detonator

5. SS Naronic (Reprise)

6. Show Me How To Live

7. Blow Your Mine

8. Hundred Crosses

9. Breaking Waves

10. Navy Hymn


Check out the track Bottom of The Barrel:


True to their name, Nashville’s Rusty Shipp have created a sound known as Nautical Rock ‘n’ Roll. Characterized by its dark, underwater sound, haunting vocals, and unconventional heavy riffs, the music is a perfect fusion of grunge and surf rock, sounding appropriately like a “rusty ship”! The band has created a multi-dimensional, artistic experience that integrates music, narrative story-telling, illustration, and video to take the listener on a voyage into their underwater world with its undercurrent of provocative philosophies. Artistry and depth aside though, their music is most memorable for the Beatlesque chord progressions and hooky vocal melodies at the core of every song.

Tirelessly thinking and working like it’s a divine mission, the band’s goal is to “inspire people’s imagination, fill them with hope, and do our part to increase harmony in the world using the medicine of music.” The result of this zeal is the new concept album “Dark Side of the Ocean” released on 10/28/22.

Named after singer-songwriter Russ T. Shipp, the band was started in 2014 in Nashville, TN and grew to include AJ Newton on drums and Doug Webster on bass. Russ T. has his own signature sound, weaving his raspy voice in and out of falsetto and vibrato; at times sounding like a “higher-pitched Kurt Cobain,” as one music critic put it, and other times like a ghost.