CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Divine Darkness LP Limited Edition OOP

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Crimson Moonlight - Divine Darkness

Black Vinyl LP 

The moon glows a deeper shade of blood signalling the return of cult Swedish extreme metallers Crimson Moonlight. Time has culled no fury and DIVINE DARKNESS is their hardest and most intense album to date. Crisp, cold crimson fire is bursting forth from first note to last - a new circle of hell is blasted open with every play. Ferocious and focused, you will be taken on an otherworldly journey exploring the themes of Grief, Majestic Wonder and Divine Darkness. Immerse yourself in the Radiance of Divine Darkness and find the solace that your soul so desires... Embraced by the Darkest of Light!

1.1 The Dogma of Chalcedon 1.2 The Suffering 1.3 Divine Darkness 1.4 I Am Tribulation 1.5 Voistinu Voskrese 1.6 Kingdom of the Wolf 1.7 Dusk 1.8 In Silence, in Chains