ADORNED GRAVES - "The Earth Hath Opened her Mouth" (CD) 2023 Import FFO: Betrayal

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Act fast on this one! The brand new ADORNED GRAVES album is destined to be one of the coolest Christian metal indie releases this year. We actually wanted to work with the band on this one but got in a little to late. The band self released their brand new album and pressed only 150 copies on CD. 

We got 15 of those copies which are either Sold Out or nearly SOLD OUT. But this is the only place in the US to get one of these! Each is hand numbered and signed by the band on the inside of the insert. 

This album is great on its own accords, but it even features a killer new track featuring the return of Chris Ackerman of Betrayal talking the helm on the track 'Vaults and Caverns' for the first time on the mic in 31 years. Check out the photo of Chris's return to the mic

VIDEO: Pilgrims Path

Track Listing:

1. Epitaph I 05:43
2. Pilgrim's Path 04:03
3. the lost track 00:04 (instrumental)
4. Progenitors 07:51
5. Valley of Achor 10:41
6. Son of Soil 05:47
7. Beyond the Silence 08:13
8. On a white pale Hill 07:01
9. Wind over Glen 04:37 (instrumental)
10. Vaults and Caverns 04:34 (features Chris Ackerman of Betrayal)
11. Lord of the Stone 06:31
12. Epitaph II 08:47