TRANSCENDENT - 'Awaken' (2024) CD Release FFO: Queensryche, Dream Theater etc.

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Roxx Records has become your premiere for new and emerging Christian Rock and Metal artists and music. So far this year we have released brand new music from the likes of All For The King, Dale Thompson & The Boon Dogs, Latter Reign, Mohler, Motivik, Not Of This World, Pike-Gaines, Rainforce, Swingle and Thompson Ordained, The Imperials, The Thomas Thompson Earth Project and True Strength. And we are only half way through the year and still have much more to come.

What’s Next? Well we are very excited to bring you the debut full length release from TRANSCENDENT hailing from North Carolina. Transcendent features David Ashe and Paul Bowman and the duo play a very heavy progressive rock/metal with a very bold and powerful message.

David began his musical journey in the early 1990’s while playing with several Christian Rock and Metal bands in the Hendersonville, North Carolina area. The bands included St. John, NeverDeath, and Last Parable. While playing with Last Parable, David was heavily influenced by the more progressive sounds of bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche, and Rush, which led to Last Parable having a unique sound within the local music scene at that time.

In 2023, David began work on an instrumental album, which as it developed, would ultimately transition into needing a vocalist. David made connection with Bride vocalist Dale Thompson, and the two wrote and recorded the song “Under the Bloodshed”. This initial song was the “launching pad” for the search for a full-time vocalist for this brand-new project.

David met vocalist Paul Bowman through an ad for the vocalist position and the rest is history! The two began collaborating immediately on songs and it was obvious that God was doing a mighty work in the development of this project; and as such, Transcendent was born!

David’s main influences include John Petrucci, Alex Skolnick, George Lynch and Rex Carroll, just to name a few! David also has a passion for classical music and has studied Classical Guitar performance with Roger Cope in 1993-1994.

Paul Bowman started his musical journey back in high school with his very first band where he learned to construct original music and from there continued to front many different bands, mostly cover bands, with a few original bands that never made it to recording process. However, he did record 2 cds of originals with the band Thorns Inside. Paul also did a 5 song EP of originals with the band Audio Assault NC. Which he also still fronts as a cover band. He and David would cross paths several times online and then they connected again through an ad that had been posted by David. It was obvious  God was pushing this duo together and once that connection was made, Transcendent was finally born!

Today we announce the full-length release of ‘Awaken’ the debut album from Transcendent. We kick off this release with the brand-new lyric video “Free Your Soul”

The bands debut album was produced, mixed and mastered by Garret Thomas of Humble Heart Studios, while the brand new cover art, layout and design was done by Scott Waters of NLTM Graphics.

Track Listing

  1. Free Your Soul (4:55)
  2. Beyond The Veil (6:03)
  3. Don't Lie To Me (5:12)
  4. Awaken (5:35)
  5. Unseen Battle (5:10)
  6. Suffocate (6:07)
  7. Here Comes The Reaper (4:46)
  8. Crack The Sky (4:14)