The Lead - Burn This Record + 30 (30th Anniversary Remaster + Bonus)

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RELEASE DATE: December 24, 2019

Twas The Night Before Christmas all cuddled with your spouse.

Not a speaker was blasting throughout the whole house.

No Stryper, or Vengeance, or Rex Carroll & The Bleed!

Well we’re gonna fix that with this special release from, THE LEAD!

Can you believe it has been 30 years since the release of one of the most classic Christian punk rock albums ever! Florida punk legends The Lead are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their most iconic album ‘Burn This Record’ with a very special Limited Edition release entitled ‘Burn This Record + 30’.

Roxx Records is very excited to have our very last release of the year be a very limited edition 300 piece CD pressing of this classic album from The Lead. The album has been completely remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and has a beautiful new 12 page expanded booklet courtesy of Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.

But we couldn’t stop just there, this limited edition release also boasts an additional 7 previously unreleased demo tracks that were recorded prior to the release of this album that were later completely re-recorded. You are hearing those tracks here for the very first time ever.

Check out the just released remastered lyric video for the classic tune ‘Skate or Die’

Don’t wait on this one, as we release this one officially on the night before Christmas. That’s right a very special release with a very special release date.

Track Listing:
1. Change The World
2. Boring World
3. Suicide Is A Lie
4. Internal Pain
5. Hope You Stay Alive
6. Oh No! Not Again
7. To The Ends Of The Earth
8. Losers
9. Who’s The Victim
10. I Can’t Find It In My Heart
11. Skate Or Die
12. Kill Satan Mosh
13. The Empty Sepulchre
14. Defiance
15. Wink Of An Eye


16. Internal Pain (Previously Unreleased Demo)
17. Defy (Previously Unreleased Demo)
18. Change The World (Previously Unreleased Demo)
19. Oh No Not Again (Previously Unreleased Demo)
20. Skate Or Die (Previously Unreleased Demo)
21. Losers (Previously Unreleased Demo)
22. Who’s The Victim (Previously Unreleased Demo)