Red Sea - Mass - Helix - Weapons of God ALL in Limited Package

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This is the 'I Want It All' package (or the 'I'm to lazy to look at each one and just want one of everything to support Roxx and NLTM') 

OK seriously there will only be 30 of this very limited package at this price and with all the goodies! 

What will the Roxx/NoLifeTilMetal bundle pack include?

Mass - Fighter (white vinyl)
Mass - Fighter (remastered expanded CD)
Mass - Cover sticker
Mass - Vinyl Logo sticker*
Mass - Fighter 1982 button
Helix - Old School (tan vinyl)
Helix - Old School (remastered CD)
Helix - Vinyl Logo sticker*
Helix - Old School buttons
Red Sea - Blood (red vinyl)
Red Sea - Blood (remastered CD)
Red Sea - Cover stickers
Red Sea - Vinyl Logo stickers*
Weapons Of God - CD (new Roxx release)

*The Vinyl Logo stickers are exclusive to these bundles only and will not be given away with any other pre-orders.

Retail Price for this bundle would be almost $140 if bought individually. 

But for the low price of $100 you get it all and the free goodies! Act Fast!